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When: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Where: Provo Recreation Center, Multipurpose Room

Meet women who are changing the face of our community, our world, and our future with their passions, contributions, and personal and professional projects. Bring your daughters, sisters, mothers, neighbors, and friends! 

This year’s theme of ‘Happiness Through Hope and Healing’ is both timely and necessary. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a Utah State University study found that women’s health was disproportionally impacted, with nearly one-third of respondents identifying mental health as a concern. Each one of us is going through our own personal battles, but there is hope and

Mayor Michelle Kaufusi Portraits -7671 c


Mayor of Provo City

10:00 AM


Michelle Kaufusi is a Provo girl through and through: born and raised, graduated from Brigham Young University, always actively involved in community service—and eventually making history as Provo’s first female mayor.


Honored as Utah’s 2019 Informed Decision Maker of the Year and the 2022 Utah Valley Chamber Champion, Mayor Kaufusi continues her regional leadership with appointed positions as the vice president of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, chair of Utah Municipal Power Agency, vice chair of Utah County Council of Governments and vice chair of the newly established Utah Lake Authority. She’s a busy lady!


Mayor Kaufusi’s leadership has also translated to national accolades for Provo City. Most notably being honored as the nation’s Best-Performing City in both 2021 and 2022 by the distinguished Milken Institute. As the fourth largest city in Utah, Provo is cleary “hitting above its weight” with distinctions such as the #1 Safest Big City, #3 Best Run City and #3 Best College City.

Jess Toolson.jpeg


Mixhers, CEO

10:30 AM


For Jess Toolson, purpose was the natural offshoot of personal passion. After embarking on her own hormone health journey, she felt compelled to share the natural solutions she’d found. So, at the end of 2019 Jess teamed up with her now business partner, Cody Sanders, and Mixhers was born. Their mission? To help women everywhere take their unique health and happiness into their own hands.


The company’s all-natural, nutritional supplements sent shockwaves across the landscape of women’s wellness. Mixhers’s flagship product, Hertime, is an herbal remedy for the hormonal chaos causing the negative symptoms women have accepted as normal and necessary to having a period. Mixhers is rewriting the narrative by helping women restore hormonal balance through simple, convenient, (and addictively delicious) daily drink mixes.


It may come as no surprise, but the formation of Mixhers was anything but an arrival. Rather, it was the beginning of a road Jess describes as soul-stretching. While the startup rode the rollercoaster of young success, Jess, her husband Ryan, and their three children learned a new rhythm of life. It was a challenge to carve out a new normal with Jess pouring her time and heart into Mixhers, but the Toolsons’ commitment to each other made them agile, adaptable, and one’s others’ most ardent cheerleaders.

Momi Tu'ua.jpeg


Principal at Timpview High School

10:50 AM

Momi Tu’ua is the Principal at Timpview High School. Momi’s focus in education is responsiveness that promotes meaningful learning in the lives of our children. “It takes the collective minds of children, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators to design and create valuable learning experiences. I’ve been fortunate to see these learning ‘synapses’ happen when we offer our best efforts as a school community.”


Momi’s career in Provo City School District started in 2005 as a school counselor at Provo High that continued at Timpview High School through 2014. Momi expanded her professional career experience which included two distinct positions at the Utah State Board of Education supporting school counseling programs (2014-2016) and addressing issues of equity and access with families and school districts (2016-2018).


In 2018, Momi rejoined the Timpview TBird Community as an assistant principal where she has served these past four years. She earned both her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and License in Educational Leadership at BYU and Master’s degree in Educational Counseling from University of Phoenix. She is a current student in



Founder of Vulnerability Is Cool

11:10 AM

Meet Jenna Jarvis, the founder of Vulnerability is Cool, a mental health organization that’s changing the game. With a mission to change the conversation around mental health, Jenna is on a journey to create a world where vulnerability is seen as a strength. She has a deep passion for destigmatizing mental health struggles and promoting self-love, breaking down barriers and opening up a world of possibilities for those who need it most.


Jenna is transforming the way we approach mental health through her advocacy work, including hosting mental health events that provide a safe space for people to share their stories and connect with others. She’s not afraid to share her own story and create a safe space for others to do the same, empowering people to embrace their vulnerabilities and find strength in their struggles.


It’s time we break down the stigma around mental health and create a more compassionate and supportive world for all. Join the movement and let’s show the world that being vulnerable is not just cool, it’s essential.



Co-Founder of Lonely Ghost

12:00 PM


Who is Indy Blue? India Blue Severe, best known as Indy Blue, is a writer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the brand Lonely Ghost. She’s known for fostering radically engaged communities on and offline. Blogging since the tender age of 11 (“Miss Indypendent”), Indy’s online story-telling has seen her throughout many seasons - from world travel to business owner to mother.

Kelly Wosnik .jpeg


Owner of Bristol Health

12:20 PM

Dr. Kelly Wosnik has been a family nurse practitioner for nearly 20 years. She is the founder and CEO of Bristol Health, a mental health clinic in Orem, Utah. She received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from BYU and her Doctorate from the University of Utah.


In addition to her mental health practice, she is the founder of CCD Smiles, a non-profit organization that helps those with the rare birth defect Cleidocranial Dysplasia. She enjoys her friendship with Gaten Materazzo (Dustin from “Stranger Things” on Netflix), who partners with her to bring awareness to the condition.


Dr. Wosnik enjoys traveling, playing with her two Boston Terriers and being the favorite aunt to her 9 nieces and 7 nephews.

Dr. Melissa Ann Kendall.jpeg


Trailblazer Award

12:40 PM

Born in New York City, Dr. Kendall moved to Provo in elementary school and made it her ‘forever home.’ As the daughter of a German immigrant mother, a first-generation American Dream success story, Dr. Kendall modeled her mother’s tenaciousness. She graduated from Provo High School and Brigham Young University. After serving a mission in Thailand for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she earned an M.D. at the University of Utah School of Medicine and did her pediatric residency in Tucson, Arizona. She came back to Provo and joined Utah valley pediatrics as the first female pediatrician in Utah County, 25 years ago this summer. She has been working doing patient care since then.


Dr. Kendall has been active in church service and community service in Provo. She spent two years volunteering at the United Way health clinic in Provo, providing medical care, which she loved. She served as a Neighborhood chair and is currently serving on the Provo city Planning Commission. She has been serving on the executive committee of her pediatric group practice and was recently elected as the president of the group of 60 medical providers. Raising her five sons and one daughter with her husband Jim has been her greatest joy and best schooling.


“I am a much better physician because of what I have learned and experienced with my own children. I love being a pediatrician and find so much happiness in helping parents and children develop and heal. It is a privilege to be a small part of people’s lives and be able to help them on their journey through illness and life changes…good times and hard times. The relationships we develop are priceless to me as a physician. It has been amazing to watch babies that I saw as newborns grow up, and now become parents themselves. It is so fulfilling to support parents, teach them what I know, and empower them to care for their children well and with confidence.”

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